Infiniti M lithium hybrid to launch late 2010

The Infiniti M hybrid will arrive next year with a lithium-ion powered hybrid powertrain.

Nissan's first lithium hybrid

Nissan's newest full hybrid

While Nissan is focusing on the Leaf as its marquee green product, the automaker is also focusing on a number of other technologies, such as start/stop and clean diesel as part of its Green Program 2010.

Likewise, a number of new hybrid cars, based on Nissan's new lithium-powered hybrid powertrain, are also in development, and the first new hybrid, the Infiniti M hybrid, will go on sale later this year.

The Infiniti M hybrid will utilize Nissan's new parallel full hybrid drive that includes a lithium-ion battery pack based on the same cell architecture as the upcoming electric Leaf. Also, thanks to an electronically-controlled clutch between the engine, motor and drive wheels, the hybrid powertrain significantly reduces friction via the clutch by disconnecting the engine from the hybrid powertrain during deceleration and electric driving, enabling greater efficiencies and better recharging. On the other hand, the clutch enables the engine to instantly reconnect with the motor and wheels for quick and responsive acceleration.

Previously, Nissan has indicated that its hybrid powertrain would be focused on luxury vehicles. No updates on whether that is still Nissan's hybrid plan.

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