Australias CSIRO Convenes Symposium on Engineering Plant-Based Oils to Replace Industrial Oils

Australia’s CSIRO is convening a meeting next week at which some 200 plant oil researchers will share their research into how renewable plant-based oils can be engineered to replace industrial oils that have traditionally been manufactured from petroleum. The Cutting Edge Science Symposium: Plant Lipid Biomaterials for the Renewable Resource Economy coincides with the International Symposium on Plant Lipids which is being held in Cairns from 11-16 July.

In the face of increasing CO2 emissions and the knowledge that petroleum reserves are finite, it is imperative to develop and implement the technologies needed to help switch to a bio-based materials economy. Plant oils, whether they come from oil crops or algal fermentation systems, provide one of the most promising routes to meeting these challenges.

—CSIRO Plant Industry Deputy Chief Dr. Allan Green

It will not be possible to produce enough plant oil to significantly reduce the massive four billion tonnes of petroleum-based fuels being used every year, CSIRO notes. However, the amount of oil required to make other materials such as oil-based industrial chemicals and lubricants is better matched to what could be potentially produced from plants. Globally, about 400 million tonnes of petrochemicals are used annually, while renewable plant-based oils currently supply 125 million tonnes of oil for food and industrial uses with considerable potential for further increases.

Delegates will discuss the opportunities and challenges of breeding better oil-producing plants and engineering the oils they produce to more closely match the petrochemicals currently used to make synthetic products like lubricants, resins, varnishes, plastics and polymers. The Cairns meeting will also address ways of providing increasing amounts of plant oils for industrial use without compromising on production of food oils and food crops.

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