Hybrid sales tank in June

In June sales of hybrid cars dropped more than 17 percent.

Crashing hybrid sales

Hybrid sales down more than 17 percent in June

Compared to last June auto sales were up 14 percent, however, hybrid sales dropped 17.5 percent due to a poor economy and cheaper gas prices according to Hybridcars.com

That means in June, hybrid sales slumped to just 2.2 percent of total auto sales.

The king of hybrid cars, the Toyota Prius, accounted for half of all hybrids sold in June. Still, Prius sales dropped 15.4 percent compared to last June.

Aside from the Lexus RX 450h, sales of every hybrid model declined, with Honda and Toyota feeling the greatest declines.

Of course with consumers becoming more cost-conscious and gas prices relatively low, these numbers are hardly surprising.

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