Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has introduced a 6-speed automatic transmission option for the diesel X-TRAIL 20GT. (Earlier post.) The new diesel model as well as the new revised X-TRAIL both go on sale 16 July in Japan.

The Clean Diesel GT20 meets Japan’s Post New Long-term Regulations emissions standards.

Post New Long-term Regulations stipulate NOx emissions of 0.08 g/km and PM emissions of 0.005 g/km—reductions by 47% and 64% respectively from the levels required by the New Long-term Regulations (exhaust emission standards) which have been in effect in Japan since 2005 (applicable to vehicles weighing more than 1,265 kg).

These levels are equivalent to the Euro 6 standards for diesels to come into effect in 2014. The Post New Long-term Regulations went into effect for new models in October 2009 and will apply to existing models and imported cars, starting from September 2010.

The Clean Diesel 20GT model is fully exempt from the automobile acquisition tax and the automobile weight tax, and is eligible for government subsidies (a maximum of ¥210k/ US$2,400) intended to promote the introduction of clean diesel cars.

Following a full model change in August 2007, X-TRAIL has held the top position in the annual SUV sales in Japan for three consecutive years.

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