Sinfonia Entering Market For Plug-in Vehicle Quick Chargers in Japan

Nikkei. Sinfonia Technology Co.—formerly known as Shinko Electric Co. Ltd.—is developing a plug-in vehicle quick charger that can fit in narrow spaces.

The system consists of two 25 kW bases. As a 50 kW system it can recharge a single electric vehicle to 80% of capacity in 15 minutes. A reservation function allows a second vehicle to be plugged into the second station and recharged as soon as the vehicle at the first station is finished. The system can also be configured to charge two vehicles simultaneously at the lower 25 kW level.

The company’s offering features a charging station that can be as far as 10 meters from the power source base. This charging station contains the charging plug and control board in a unit with a footprint of just 30cm square. It can easily fit into a parking space in an existing parking lot.

Sinfonia plans to market the product to municipalities, public facilities and commercial facilities starting in October, charging 3.5 million yen [US$39,500] for a unit consisting of one power source and two charging stations.

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