ATT Deploys Its 2,000th Alternative Fuel Vehicle and 1,500th Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle

AT&T announced the deployment of the 2,000th alternative fuel vehicle and 1,500th compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle in its corporate vehicle fleet, giving it one of the largest CNG vehicle fleets in the US. These milestones are part of a $565 million planned investment announced in March 2009 to replace more than 15,000 fleet vehicles with alternative fuel models through 2018. (Earlier post.)

Currently, the AT&T corporate fleet includes more than 75,900 vehicles.

AT&T anticipates purchasing approximately 8,000 CNG vehicles over a five-year span, at an anticipated cost of $350 million. AT&T expects to spend an additional $215 million through 2018 to replace 7,100 fleet passenger cars with alternative fuel models.

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