GKN Driveline has designed a new range of electric-drive axles for use in both pure electric vehicles and for converting conventional vehicles into hybrids.

Using products available within its driveline portfolio, GKN has been able to design, validate and launch a variety of electric-drive axle products, which can incorporate passive and active limited-slip differentials, torque-vectoring technology and disconnect systems to maximize fuel economy and driving performance.

Since 2002, GKN Driveline has produced more than 200,000 electric-drive axle units for various vehicle manufacturers, the company said.

Most recently GKN Driveline announced development of an electric-drive axle for use in the Peugeot HYbrid4 system. The axle allows the front-wheel-drive vehicles to have all-wheel-drive performance, supplemental traction and torque, hybrid fuel economy and the ability to operate in all electric drive mode with zero emissions. (Earlier post.)

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