FTA Study: $77.7B Needed to Bring US Rail and Bus Transit Systems into State of Good Repair

A Federal Transit Administration (FTA) study estimates the cost of bringing the US rail and bus transit systems into a state of good repair at US$77.7 billion. In addition, a yearly average of US$14.4 billion would be required to maintain the systems.

FTA’s National State of Good Repair Assessment Study, requested by US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood as a follow-up to the 2009 Rail Modernization Study report to Congress, provides a comprehensive analysis of the costs required to bring the nation’s rail and bus transit systems into good operating order. The 2010 study is based on data provided by 36 additional rail and bus operators in both rural and urban areas.

While most of the $77.7 billion backlog can be attributed to rail, more than 40% of the nation’s buses are also in poor to marginal condition.

In April, FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff announced the availability of $775 million through a competitive State of Good Repair funding program that will invest in the nation’s bus and bus facilities. A review of transit agency project applications is now underway at FTA and will be announced later this year.

The FTA has received approximately 400 project applications and more than $4.2 billion in requests for the $775 million.


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