Boeing Forecasts Renewable Jet Fuel May Supply 1% of Global Commercial Aviation Fuel Need by 2015

Renewable jet fuel from a variety of feedstocks may supply 1% of commercial aviation fuel need by 2015, according to Billy Glover, managing director of environmental strategy at Boeing’s commercial airplanes unit, in an interview with Bloomberg.

“We need to get to 1 percent to get that foundation and then the trajectory will be significantly steeper,” Glover said in a telephone interview in London. “We’re aiming for a 1 percent penetration around the middle of this decade, and we think that’s quite achievable.”

...Boeing’s forecast of 1 percent of fuels coming from biofuels by the middle of the decade is for the global air industry, and the company is working with the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group, an alliance of 19 airlines that aim to be first-movers, Glover said. [James Rekoske, vice president and general manager of renewable energy and chemicals at Honeywell International Inc.’s UOP unit] said 1 percent is more likely to be reached at regional levels, with Europe and the US Northwest as potential candidates.

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