Dresser Wayne Blender Pumps Receive Final UL Safety Certification

Growth Energy, the coalition of US ethanol supporters, along with Dresser Wayne announced that Underwriters Laboratory (UL) has issued certification to the dual hose ethanol blender available in Dresser Wayne Ovation eco fuel dispensers. This certification will help fuel retailers meet increasing demand for renewable fuel by dispensing mid- to high-level ethanol blends along with conventional gasoline.

The Dresser Wayne dual hose ethanol blender blends gasoline and ethanol in both dispenser hoses enabling it to offer low blends on one hose for conventional vehicles and mid- to high-level blends on the other hose for flexible fuel vehicles.

We want to simplify alternative fuel adoption so retailers can feel more confident about embracing this developing energy segment. With this approval, our entire eco fuel product portfolio is now UL certified. This helps our customers achieve and maintain regulatory compliance as they add eco fuels to their product offerings.

—Scott Negley, Dresser Wayne director of Alternative Energy Products

UL has also extended certification to include Gilbarco Encore blenders with the flexible fuel option.

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