Is China GM’s real Volt target?

According to GM automotive electrification is more important in China than in the US and GM plans to make the Chevy Volt price competitive.

Will more be made in China than the US?

All about guzzling coal?

“China is the country that needs to move to electrification more than any other country and we know the government wants to move to electrification so we want to participate in that movement,” recently stated Kevin Wale, president and managing director of GM China.

And GM is aggressively moving forward to meet that Chinese electric demand by making the Chevy Volt price competitive in that country.

So, is China the most important Volt market?

Perhaps China does need to move to electrification more than any other country; however, since China uses much older and dirtier coal technology than in the US, is that a good thing? A number of studies have suggested that EVs in China will increase CO2 emissions, not decrease them, but that's another story.

Anyway, if China is the most important market for electrification, does that mean China is GM's primary Volt focus? Likewise, in order to compete in China, won't GM have to produce Volts for the Chinese market in China? And, if the Chinese plug-in market accelerates faster than the US market, won't that mean more Volts are produced in China than in the US? Thus, eventually, while Volts might still be assembled in the US, might not most Volt supplies be developed and manufactured outside the US?

Maybe that means little. Three-quarters of GM's business is already outside the US. Thus, why shouldn't its marquee car of the future realize greater production outside of the US? Isn't that to be expected anyway?

Nevertheless, isn't this inevitably a long term threat to GM's US auto manufacturing? Already GM builds many made for US vehicles and parts outside the US. Since China builds everything else for America, why not cars as well?

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