LOL – GM trademarks ‘range anxiety’

GM will trademark the term range anxiety to describe the EV limitations the Chevy Volt will overcome.

The 'range anxiety' killer.

A cost effective solution to range anxiety?

What happens when an EV driver has to drive a bit further than his plug-in range? He suffers from ‘range anxiety' of course.

Soon, however, when describing ‘range anxiety', a GM trademark will have to be included if GM's trademark filing succeeds.

And, I have to admit, the first time I heard the term ‘range anxiety' was at the debut of the Chevy Volt concept. Then Bob Lutz used the term to describe why a plug-in hybrid – excuse me, range extended EV – was better than a pure battery-powered plug-in electric vehicle. So, perhaps GM does deserve a trademark on ‘range anxiety', especially since numerous studies suggest that ‘range anxiety' is a serious concern for most plug-in-considering consumers.

Anyway, I completely agree that GM has a marketing advantage with the Volt and it's ability to squash plug-in ‘range anxiety'. The problem, however, is does the Volt fight range anxiety cost-effectively?

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