Siemens Industry Joins Algae@Work Alliance Network

Siemens Industry, Inc. has joined A2BE Carbon Capture LLC’s “Algae@Work Alliance Network,” which was formed to develop and deliver turnkey algae production systems.

The Algae@Work Alliance Network is made up of corporations, researchers and institutions. The Alliance Network collaborates to develop and commercialize a bio-secure, scalable, climate adaptive and cost effective system to recycle industrial CO2 emissions.

At the core of the technology is A2BE Carbon Capture’s photo-bioreactor (PBR) system for the production of algal biomass. The PBR is designed to capture and recycle CO2 emissions without releasing the gas into the atmosphere. Algae inside the PBR absorb the CO2 and convert it into biomass during photosynthesis. This biomass is then used in the production of fuel, food, fertilizer and other useful products around the world. At commercial scale, each PBR machine will be 350' long and 50' wide, consisting of twin 20' wide x 10" deep x 300' long, transparent growing tubes.

Siemens has the well-established biofuels automation and control technologies that will be used in the PBR machine. We expect to move through several pilot scale-ups, to full scale carbon capture and recycle (CC&R) projects within 48 months.

—Jeff Mettais, A2BE Carbon Capture’s vice president of Strategic Business Development

The company, together with other Alliance Network partners, recently received $175,000 in funding from the State of Pennsylvania to evaluate the viability of establishing the US’ first integrated Coal-Biomass-to-Liquids (CBTL) pilot there using A2BE Carbon Capture’s PBRs.

Siemens automation technologies, including PCS 7 DCS solutions, are currently used by more than 125 US biofuel installations capable of producing more than 7 billion gallons of biofuels annually.

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