Labor Day: Last chance for a great deal on a hybrid?

Experts claim that summer deals are almost over and might never return? Is Labor Day your last chance for your best deal on a hybrid car?

No more deals after Labor Day?

No more deals after summer?

“This may be as good as it gets, and get used to it,” Jeff Schuster, the executive director of forecasting for J.D. Power and Associates, recently told the AP about summer car deals.

In the past automakers have used August to unload excess inventories in preparation for new models, but more and more excess inventories are becoming a thing of the past as automakers pare down production.

So, is Labor Day your last best chance for a good deal on a hybrid?

That's the conventional wisdom amongst most automotive analysts. Still, with hybrid sales tanking, for instance, will automakers never again offer a deal to move inventory? Obviously, only time will tell, but the deals on hybrid vehicles have typically been far less ripe than those offered on pickup trucks, for instance, so the lack of a summer sale will probably have limited impact on hybrid sales and hybrid prices.

Likewise, with Toyota anticipating a large increase in hybrid sales over the next few years, coupled with growing competition, especially from lukewarm Ford, and red hot Hyundai, cheaper hybrid prices seem an inevitable trend.

Nevertheless, the Nissan Altima hybrid is still one of the best deals this summer, so that's worth a look if in the market. Likewise, Toyota Prius leases are the best I've ever seen. For other hybrids, why not make a low ball offer? The future probably holds better hybrid pricing anyway, and that makes it a bit easier to walk away if your dealer won't budge on pricing.

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