Mechanics hate the Prius and Fusion hybrids

The Ford Fusion hybrid and the Toyota Prius hybrid are hated by mechanics because they don't break down enough.

Too reliable for a mechanic to make a living.

Reliable hybrid cars

Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers have picked the ten cars they hate the most for being too reliable. “Yes, the cars we hate most, as mechanics,” claim the brothers, “are the cars that provide us with the fewest repair dollars.”

The list is mostly Japanese and includes 2 hybrid cars: the Ford Fusion hybrid and the Toyota Prius.

Regarding the Prius, the brothers note, “From our point of view, the Prius is terrible news for mechanics — not even the brakes wear out, thanks to the regenerative braking system. All we get to install are wiper blades. How are you supposed to buy a pair of Jet Skis on that money?”

And the Fusion, it's one of the “few American cars that really approach the reliability of the Japanese brands.”

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