Marubeni in Coal-Fired Power Plant Push for Asia

Nikkei. Japan’s Marubeni Corp. will market energy-efficient coal-fired power plants in Asia, leveraging a bilateral emissions offset mechanism between Japan and other countries that enables Japan to receive carbon reduction credits in return for providing low-carbon technologies and equipment. The company is targeting orders in Asia for plants capable of supplying a combined total of up to 4 million kilowatts (4GW) by 2020.

Marubeni’s technology is designed to increase power plant efficiency. Traditional coal-fired plants used in developing nations generally have an efficiency ratio of around 38%, but Marubeni can raise that to roughly 43% with its technology.

But construction expenses for a highly efficient 1 million kilowatt plant can exceed 200 billion yen, about 30-40% higher than conventional plants. Countries that adopt the technology, however, benefit from declines in coal consumption and a roughly 1 million ton reduction in annual carbon dioxide emissions. And these nations can sell carbon credits and pocket more than 1 billion yen in annual revenue, thereby reducing the plant's construction cost.

Marubeni has already been awarded a contract to build a 600 MW advanced-technology coal-fired power station in Vietnam. Marubeni will procure Steam Turbines and Generators from Fuji Electric Systems and Boilers from Foster Wheeler as the main equipment, and the plant is expected to be commissioned in March 2014. The plant will be equipped with highly efficient anthracite coal-fired boilers and flue gas desulfurization equipment.

This project is Marubeni’s tenth in Vietnam. The total power generation capacity of Marubeni’s supplied facilities in Vietnam exceeds 3,400 MW, representing about 20% of Vietnam’s total power generation capacity.

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