Neste Oil and Raisio Agree On Use of Domestic Rapeseed Oil Surplus as Feedstock for Renewable Diesel

Neste Oil and Raisio have agreed on long-term cooperation regarding the utilization of Raisio’ss rapeseed oil surplus as a feedstock for Neste Oil’s NExBTL process. According to the agreement, starting from October 2010 Neste Oil will use all the rapeseed oil generated as a by-product in Raisio’s feed protein production that has no market in the food chain.

With this agreement, rapeseed oil produced in Finland will become a raw material source in the renewable diesel production of the Porvoo refinery.

We are pleased that the proportion of domestic raw material will grow at the Porvoo refinery. Until now, we have used practically all domestic waste animal fat sourced from food industry at our NExBTL plants. We have also used rapeseed earlier, but this agreement enables us to use it even more.

—Jarmo Honkamaa, Deputy CEO of Neste Oil and Executive Vice President in its Renewable Fuels business area

The agreement also enables the development of Finnish feed protein production and the strengthening of protein self-sufficiency. More extensive cultivation opportunities of oil plants will bring a significant addition to the diversity of field cultivation and strengthen the security of supply in Finland, according to the partners.

Neste Oil’s NExBTL renewable diesel is compatible with all diesel engines and can be used as such or blended with fossil diesel. It has an identical chemical composition to that of fossil diesel and offers equally good or superior product properties. NExBTL renewable diesel has been tested extensively and successfully in trucks, buses, and cars around the world. Neste Oil supplies the Finnish market with Neste Green diesel, which contains a minimum of 10% renewable content.

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