Hot interest in hybrids according to Autobytel

According to Autobytel's Hot list, consumers should be buying many more hybrid cars.

So, why are sales declining?

Still all about gas prices though?

Hybrid cars and other green vehicles are hot according to Autobytel's “What's Hot Now Report” with 57 percent of those surveyed being interested in buying a green vehicle in the next 12 months, mostly for economic reasons.

Still, gas prices are the big wild card.

80 percent of those surveyed strongly consider gas prices when considering a vehicle purchase, with $3.50 being a critical threshold according to the survey. Conversely, better economics via gas savings is the biggest reason most are interested in purchasing green vehicles, although concern for the environment was also an important factor.

Interest in green vehicles – with hybrids the by far dominant choice, followed by smaller cars – was even greater when considering purchases in the next 2 to 5 years. Overall, younger people are more interested in going green than older people.

Unfortunately, of the 57 percent that are interested in going green, only 9 percent were “definitely” going to make a green purchase in the next 12 months, with another 17 percent “seriously” considering a green purchase, while the rest were “maybes”.

Ultimately, as other similar studies have found, consumers are very willing to go green, but for most, only as long as it provides better economics than not going green.

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