Start/Stop: Hybrids continue to leave their mark

Hybrid cars might still make up only 3 percent of the auto market. Nevertheless the impact of hybrids, aside from just market share, continues to grow.

Helped by the hybrid.

The hybrid effect grows

Hybrid cars. Can't even make up 3 percent of market share. Until gas costs $15.00 – I'm exaggerating – per gallon, hybrids simply won't be cost-effective compared to other vehicles and that means limited share.

While it still might take time for hybrids to gain serious consumer acceptance, there is little doubt how much impact hybrid technology has already had upon the auto industry.

Start/Stop technology, for example, is beginning to show up everywhere. Just the other day, for instance, Citroen announced the addition of Start/Stop technology to the C4 Picasso. Additionally a number of other vehicles across the auto industry have also begun to use Start/Stop in what seems a trend set to soon become standard.

Yet, without hybrid vehicles, there probably wouldn't be any Start/Stop.

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