2025: 60 mpg versus 10 percent plugged-in

If the goal were one simple energy policy goal, either 10 percent plugged in by 2025 or 60 mpg by 2025, which would be the better goal?

Should plugging in as quickly as possible be our primary goal?

CAFE versus electricity

Of course, striving for both a Corporate Average Fuel Economy of 60 mpg by 2025 while also achieving 10 percent plug-in penetration is the best plan forward, but what if there could be only one goal? What if all eggs were put into just one energy policy basket?

What's better for America? 60 mpg or 10 percent plug-in penetration?

Certainly, plug-ins could be part of the formula for achieving 60 mpg fleet fuel economy. However, plug-ins wouldn't receive any special tax credit favoritism if the goal were 60 mpg. Similarly, if the goal were 10 percent plug-in penetration, then automakers wouldn't receive any tax incentives for anything other than plug-in vehicles.

What's the better plan if America were to focus on one simple goal with the tax incentives to make it happen?

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