“It’s time for GM to compete”

The Chevy Volt must be just the beginning of GM's new offensive.

From concept to reality

How about an attack on fuel economy?

GM's new CEO Daniel Akerson spoke to employees yesterday and urged them to be on the “attack” against rival automakers. For instance, Akerson stated that GM's Cadillac brand had to be built better than any BMW competitor. And that's a good sign.

GM doesn't always have the best products or even the right products and acknowledging your faults is the first step towards success.

It is time for GM “to compete” and be “on the attack.” Whether one liked the bailout or not, or even if you hate GM, America has a vested interest in GM's success, but success cannot be judged purely by next quarter's balance sheet.

Thus, make Cadillac better than BMW, but there are plenty of other battles for GM to fight equally as, if not more, important

For instance, crush Honda's small car quality. Conquer Toyota's hybrid dominance. Topple the list of most ‘green' vehicle sales every year. Attack decades of bottom-dragging fleet fuel economy. Be a measurable leader by all important metrics.

It is “time for GM to compete” and going on the offensive is a good first step, but it's also important that GM focus on the right battles. Hopefully, GM isn't just ready to attack other automakers, but to also attack some of its past shortcomings.

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