GS Yuasa Prototypes Li-ion Batteries with Vanadium Phosphate Cathode Material

Tech-On. GS Yuasa has developed vanadium phosphate cathode materials for Li-ion batteries and has prototyped a battery using the new material.

The vanadium-based material improves output density and safety and also potentially lowers cost.

Compared with a battery using lithium iron phosphate...the safety of the prototype is almost the same and its output is 20% higher. The company plans to develop Li-ion rechargeable batteries by using the new material.

GS Yuasa expects that the new battery will be used in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and micro HEVs equipped with an idling stop mechanism. The battery cell prototyped with the lithium vanadium phosphate has a nominal voltage of 3.5V, a current capacity of 5.0Ah, a size of 21 (W) x 112 (D) x 81mm (H) and a weight of 318g.

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