RMI Adds Power Tagging to Project Get Ready

Power Tagging Technologies, Inc., a provider of advanced smart grid communication technologies, has been invited to join the Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI) Project Get Ready technical advisory board. The project is a national non-profit initiative helping cities prepare for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

The addition of Power Tagging to the project’s Technical Advisors brings a practical grid perspective to the burgeoning project, according to RMI.

Power Tagging’s ability to incorporate electric vehicles into the current infrastructure of the electric grid is key to seamlessly transitioning EVs into the consumer market.

—Matt Mattila, RMI transportation consultant and manager of Project Get Ready

Power Tagging has created a technology which enables encrypted digital “tags” to be attached to grid-resident devices. These Power Tags can also be used to identify the power these grid-resident devices consume, produce, or conduct.

Power Tags make all devices on the power grid “Grid Location Aware”. This awareness is linked to each device’s real-time schematic location on the grid, not simply its GPS coordinates (which are imprecise) or its “as designed” location (which can be inaccurate).

Power Tagging leverages its tagging technology to drive solutions in grid mapping, fault resolution, electric vehicle integration, demand side management and grid cyber security.

Like a SIM card in a cellular phone, Power Tagging’s EV solution incorporates a Vehicle Intelligence Module (VIM) which can communicate ubiquitously over the power distribution grid, linking drivers to utilities. By providing a real-time, schematic map of the electrical grid, Power Tagging allows electric utilities to control their energy distribution and better integrate electric vehicles.

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