Solved: Cheap, clean and safe commuting

Can Americans change their perceptions regarding what an automobile should be? If super cheap and super safe, might not Americans think outside of the box?

What would it take for you to consider one?

The key to transportation?

For $10,000 you can buy this two seat plug-in hybrid that, thanks to carbon fiber and advanced safety software, is basically safer than almost any vehicle on the road today. Even better if you plug-in every 50 miles, it'll only cost a couple of dollars per week to fuel. Of course, at 85 mpg using gasoline doesn't cost that much more.

Ready to buy?

OK. All my numbers are made up, and I've added extra specs and capabilities to the Lumeneo Smera electric car, a vehicle that would probably top $30,000 if sold in the US. But that's not the point.

The point is, what will it take for Americans to reconsider the box we call our car today? If my specs and price were real, could such a vehicle impact US auto sales? Would you buy one?

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