THINK Begins EV Sales in Finland

Scandinavian electric vehicle (EV) maker THINK has begun sales of the THINK City EV in Finland with production partner Valmet Automotive.

First deliveries of the THINK City in Finland will be to green delivery pioneers A2B, through a new THINK dealership in Helsinki. Further full-service dealerships will be opened in the coming months in other Finnish cities such as Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Jyväskylä and Oulu.

Since we entered into collaboration with THINK in 2009 there has been very high level of interest from customers, both business and private, wanting to buy the THINK City. This hasn’t been possible in Finland until now, and we are extremely excited by the prospect of being exclusive distributor here, especially with the experience and expertise of our new sales and marketing director Hans Svensson leading the sales operation.

—Valmet Automotive President, Ilpo Korhonen

European production of the THINK City continues in Finland with manufacturing partner Valmet Automotive. Customer deliveries are taking place across Europe in selected key EV markets such as The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland and now Finland.

THINK has also announced plans to establish a US production facility during 2011 in Elkhart County, Indiana, and is working with Japanese partner Itochu on developing operations in Asia.

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