25% better fuel economy: Micro-hybridize every vehicle

New micro hybrid technologies could enable a 25 percent improvement in fuel economy at a cost cheaper than full hybrid cars. Time to micro-hybridize the entire US fleet?

Would the new micro-hybrid drive work in large vehicles?

Micro hybrid, then full hybrid, then plug-in hybrid?

Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) and AVL have developed a new micro-hybrid drive they claim achieves a 25 percent increase in fuel economy at a far cheaper cost than full hybrid cars.

Time to micro-hybridize the entire US fleet?

According to GreenCarCongress, CPT and AVL have been working for the past 18 months to develop a value-driven micro/mild HEV solution, utilizing CPT’s production-ready VTES electric supercharger. This latest effort focused on “the potential of a VTES equipped downsized ELC-Hybrid vehicle in combination with the CPT SpeedStart Integrated Starter Generator and the VRLA UltraBattery.”

While this new micro-hybrid drive still needs further development, it does suggest interesting potential, particularly considering that CPT and AVL project that costs for this new micro-hybrid would be far less than a quarter of full hybrid vehicles, while achieving almost the same levels of fuel economy. Such numbers, it seems, would provide enough cost-effectiveness to easily mainstream this technology, especially if this technology can be applied to all vehicle types, particularly larger vehicles.

A very cost-effective 25 percent improvement in fuel economy? Isn't it almost criminal not to pick that kind of low hanging fruit?

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