Sporty Lexus CT 200h to achieve 42 mpg

The Lexus CT 200h hybrid will be the newest hybrid from Toyota and will achieve 41 mpg combined.

A sporty Lexus Prius?

The smartest Lexus hybrid so far

The Lexus CT 200h is set to become the marquee hybrid of the Lexus vision for the future: a sporty driving experience mated to hybrid technology.

And what's not to like about a sporty Lexus hybrid that achieves 42 mpg?

Sure the new Lexus hybrid is less efficient than the Toyota Prius and will probably cost a good deal more than a Prius, but it is a Lexus after all. Moreover it's a Lexus that will include a new suspension design and “unique lateral performance damper system that has been designed to help absorb and minimize body vibrations, giving a linear steering feel and further enhanced ride comfort,” according to reports.

Also, aside from Lexus styling and comfort, the CT 200h is also geared to provide a much sportier and agile driving experience than the Prius. Naturally, that means a drop in fuel economy.

Still, 42 mpg.

If this is the first step into the future of Lexus, it's definitely a good step forward.

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