MINI Teasing Electric Scooter Ahead of Paris Auto Show

We are pretty privileged here in America to have the wide open roads we do. That is because America is a big, young country, and we didn't have to build over narrow, existing roads choked by ancient buildings. We basically just paved over whatever we want, which meant we could drive our massive cars with ease. Meanwhile in Europe, and in much of the rest of the world, a large percentage of the population gets by with just a scooter.

MINI, the maker of tiny cars, is teasing an all-electric scooter ahead of the Paris Auto Show. Could you give up your car and live with just a scooter?

I, personally, do not think I could do a scooter. I'd look a bit too… awkward. Then again, if the price was right, it would be a great way to get around my town (which is rather spread out). Most of the driving I do is within 25 miles of my house. MINI hasn't offered any specs on this plug-in scooter, nor do I know if they intend to actually build it. But… MINI has been experimenting with the electric car thing, what with the MINI-E, and their parent company, BMW, is full speed ahead on the Megacity EV.

A MINI electric scooter doesn't make sense as the next step to me; I'd rather see an electric MINI first. The plug-in scooter would use a lithium-ion battery, and could theoretically get 60 miles or more on a charge. That would have to be the minimum range for me to even consider such a ride. And I'd still look silly… but an electric scooter would be pretty fun too, what with all that torque. Plus, many scooters don't have to meet any emissions requirements, so it would take a big bite out of pollution too if it could be made cheap.

Source: MINI's Facebook Page


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