Why don’t the Big 3 lead CAFE rankings? Should they?

Why aren't the Big 3 CAFE leaders? Fuel economy isn't their problem? They have no responsibility regarding foreign oil dependence?

Bigger is better?

No responsibility for foreign oil dependence?

When it comes to Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE), US automakers rank in the bottom of the barrel. Why?

More important, do the Big 3 have any responsibility for the excessive foreign oil dependence they've helped to create?

Certainly, there is plenty of blame to go around. Many consumers have been more than willing to guzzle. Likewise, the government has suppressed gasoline taxes, despite a lack of transportation maintenance funding, as it has also subsidized various oil costs, such as the billions per year spent maintaining shipping lanes for oil tankers even during non-war times.

Consequently, it isn't that surprising that the Big 3 lack leadership on fuel economy.

Nevertheless, wouldn't it be better for America if the Big 3 were CAFE leaders?

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