Progressive’s AutoMotive X-Prize winners tomorrow

Progressive's Automotive X-Prize winners will be announced. Are 100 mpg cars just around the world.

Aptera in the house

And the 100 mpg cars of the future are,

A number of years ago I stood in the Mojave Desert and watched Scaled Composites win the original X-Prize, as SpaceShipOne became the first private space vehicle to reach suborbital space two times within 14 days, spawning numerous private space developments.

Tomorrow, the winners of the latest X-Prize, The Progressive Automotive X-prize, will be announced.

Sure, the conclusion of tomorrow's X-Prize isn't going to culminate with an astronaut-in-the-making piloted rocket blasting off into space; nevertheless, I would have loved to have followed this story as closely as the first X-Prize. Should have…….Scratch that. Would have loved to have been part of a team competing for the X-Prize, even the first team disqualified.


It's the only thing that will keep this world going around.

Anyway, the X-Prize winners will be announced tomorrow, Thursday 9/16 at 10:30AM EST. Webcast available at

I have to admit I'm going to be keeping my fingers crossed for Aptera, it's almost a home town company and I'm a long time fan.

Additionally, the National Geographic Channel is also featuring a documentary on the X-Prize tomorrow at 9PM EST on Thursday 9/16.

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