Toyota Considering Sporty Hybrid of its Own?

While the Honda CR-Z is still moving into the marketplace, one has to admit that car has generated a tremendous amount of Internet buzz. Whether or not its qualifications as a sporty hybrid are off-putting due to its so-so gas mileage and lackluster performance, it's still drawing a lot of interest… if anybody buys it or not remains to be seen.

Toyota, however, seems impressed enough that they may be considering a sporty hybrid of their own. Could we see the return of the MR2, mayhaps as a hybrid?

Honda and Toyota are classic rivals, and the two have been trading blows for decades when it comes to the battle for consumers' cash. Toyota, while currently lacking a serious sports car, has had its fair share of sports cars in the past, including the Supra, Celica, and MR2. Honda has had a few sports cars too, including the S200 (a personal favorite) and CRX. Just as American automakers are duking it out with muscle cars, so too are Japanese car makers tackling the sport-compact market.

Toyota has already teased us with an MR2-hybrid that never made its way to the showroom. However, Toyota is also working on a joint sports car with Subaru, called the FT-86. Could this be a candidate for a hybrid drive train as well? It all depends. Honda has done a decent job with the CR-Z, but it could have been better. If Toyota can deliver a superior driving experience as well as better gas mileage, I might finally find myself in a Toyota at long last.

Source: Automotive News | Image: Toyota

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