Lighting up with Motive’s hemp car design

Motive will use hemp composites to make their electric vehicles lighter.

Not just your average cannabis.

Weed is good

Still trying to get over my X-Prize disappointment, so let's burn one down and explore other options for the auto industry. For instance, Motive is showing off its latest design for its Kestrel EV, also known as the ‘cannabis car' for its utilization of hemp-fiber composites.

To be honest, I would have expected more mundane styling cues, but Motive has unveiled a nice little compact electric car with this design.

“I was influenced by animals like greyhounds and sharks that have these barrel chests and narrow waists that communicate strength,” said Kestrel designer Darren McKeage in a statement on Tuesday. “I've captured that in the design through the wheel arches and upswept form in the rocker area. These features also accentuate the wheels, helping create a planted stance.”

At first glance I kind of thought Fiat-like, but blander. But, the more I've inspected this design, I've realized this car is a bit edgier than what it appears at first. Sure it is rather simple – it sort of exudes common sense – but there is something about it that says ‘Don't under estimate me.' Interesting.

Perhaps, I'm just a bit jaded this morning, but this car feels a lot more exciting than anything that won at the X-Prize today. While I've been a fan of Motive, particularly it's focus on composites, this design has made me a bigger fan. Obviously, Motive is facing an up-mountain struggle to survive, but they seem very serious about making it happen.

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