Not a Road: is BP to Blame for This Massive Fish Kill?

What seems to be a serene country road (above) is actually a massive Gulf fish kill.  Fish kills are common along the Gulf of Mexico, where dead zones pop up almost every year – but these fish kills have typically been limited to a single species of fish.  What you see above, however, is a broad die-off of dozens of species, including – if a local Louisiana news station is correct – a whale.

This is the surface of a Louisiana waterway, covered with hundreds of thousands of dead fish, crabs, eels and stingrays… even a dead whale.  The scope of this huge dead zone in the gulf is raising alarms with Louisiana governmental officials like Billy Nungesser, who distributed the photos above to local media this morning.

Nungesser believes the die-off may be related to the BP oil disaster this summer, but some scientists fear we'll see more dead zones like this as an influx of oxygen-consuming, oil-eating microbes (often used as part of a chemical dispersement to consume water-borne oil particles) enter the gulf.

For the record:  there is no proof (yet) that the BP oil spill is to blame for this particular fish kill, but no matter what the cause, it's Grade-A nightmare fuel – and I, for one, can't think of a more ringing endorsement for alternative fuels than photos like these.

SOURCE:  Yahoo, via Jalopnik.

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