Big jump in hybrid pickup truck production forecast

With the only hybrid pickup truck on the market, GM could be set for gains in hybrid sales if a Pike forecast on future hybrid sales is correct.

GM primed for hybrid leadership?

Hybrid share to increase to 7.4 percent by 2015

Hybrid vehicles should witness a healthy increase in sales by 2015 according to a new Pike Research forecast.

The biggest growth market will be China, but America will still have the largest hybrid fleet with a significant uptick in hybrid SUV and truck sales expected.

Worldwide, hybrids will make up 3.7 percent of the global fleet of light duty vehicles, while achieving 7.4 percent market penetration in the US. During this increase, fleet sales – for both hybrids and plug-in hybrids – are expected to be a big part of this increase in sales.

Obviously, battery-powered vehicles are a long way from dominating automotive sales, still a nice increase in hybrid pickup truck sales, which are almost non-existent today, is refreshing news.

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