Dodge: Gas guzzling equals freedom

All about Energy Independence

The greatness of foreign oil dependence

Saw the Dodge Challenger freedom ad yesterday for the first time. Cars and freedom are the two things America has gotten right?

So, foreign oil dependence isn't only synonymous with freedom, it has been the greatest American achievement since Independence?

Of course the US auto industry is a remarkably important piece of US history, yet it seems the US auto industry also epitomizes much that is wrong with America, such as waste and greedy materialism. Yet, the industry has taken so little responsibility for it's role.

For instance, oil embargoes, the Iranian hostage crisis, the Beirut bombing, two wars in Iraq, 9/11, huge military expenditures in the Middle East, even during non-war times, and gas-guzzling still equals freedom?

Where's the leadership?

Surely, US auto consumers and voters deserve some blame, but US corporations – such as the Big 3 – and their majority shareholders, own most of America's wealth and power. Sadly, if anything, the US auto industry has acted more like kings than leaders of freedom these last several decades.

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