EVs: Cruzing along with a little less range anxiety

GM will test Chevy Cruze electric vehicles in South Korea.

Playing it both ways

Another battery option

The key difference between the Chevy Volt and other EVs is the ability of the Volt to extend EV range with gasoline. GM believes so much in the marketing potential of this difference that it is trying to trademark the phrase ‘range anxiety'.

Still, range anxiety isn't enough for GM to bet the farm on the Chevy Volt. GM will also develop pure electric vehicles.

And that brings up an interesting point, who owns the most battery-powered/assisted powertrains in the auto industry?

The General, of course. Mild hybrids, dual mode hybrids, dual mode plug-in hybrids, range extended EVs – and with the upcoming launch of a pilot fleet of Chevy Cruze electric cars in South Korea – pure battery-powered EVs are all part of GM's battery portfolio.

GM will use the EV demo fleet for “providing data on customer acceptance and battery range.”

Whether it's mild hybrids, full hybrids, plug-in hybrids or pure EVs, GM seems to be putting a few eggs in every basket. Hopefully, one of their eggs hatches into the most cost-effective battery offering.

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