Leo Motors to Host Seminar On Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator

Leo Motors, Inc. will host a seminar in Korea 28 Sep to demonstrate its proprietary Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG) and explain the technology. (Earlier post.)

In July, Leo Motors displayed two electric trucks equipped with a new Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC) system as a range-extender; Leo filed for patents on the ZAFC technology in 2008. The refuelable ZAFC oxidizes zinc pellets, generating the power to recharge a Li-ion polymer battery pack. Leo has developed a fuel distribution system for the even distribution of the zinc pellets into the stack. Leo also developed a mechanism to halt power generation when the battery is fully charged, and for collection of the zinc oxide sludge from the stack.

The seminar will be held in the Korea Technology Center. To accompany a technical report, Leo will have a panel discussion with professors who have studied EV and fuel cell technology including ZAFCG, as well as government scientists working in fuel cell research.


Demonstrations will include the 1 kW ZAFCG system, including automatic feeding, sludge collecting, electrolyte changing, and interrupt stopping. Leo will also show how it can easily scale generator capabilities connecting multiple 1 kW systems with modular schema.

All data—including cell voltage, balancing, power (in kW) per amount of zinc fuel (in kg), running time, and generation capacity for the 1 kW ZAFCG—will be presented with official test records measured by government labs.

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