Motive’s Cannabis-Composite Kestrel Electric Car Revealed

This is the face of the made-from-hemp Kestrel EV being built by Canadian car-maker Motive Industries, who made a big media splash last month courtesy of the car's “controversial” composite construction.

As you can see (above, rendered in a raw “composite hemp” finish) the Kestrel's design photos show a modern city car that manages to package 4 adults into a (seemingly) ultra-compact footprint, without looking as cartoonishly small as a Smart ForTwo (or a Peel P50!). In this photo (below) the Kestrel's strong fender lines – necessary to build structural strength in the composite panels – cleverly play up the size of the car's wheels.

Motive showed the first production body panels at this weekend's EV 2010 VÉ Conference and Trade Show. I've included a link to a promotional video of the show featuring a number of electric vehicles and a close-up look at a Kestrel's door – Motive's official press release, meanwhile, is on the next page.

SOURCE:  Motive Industries, via Autoblog.

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