Baby boomers out, hybrids and digital technology in

The love of the affair of the car fades as baby boomers age and digital technology will be more important than cars, although hybrid technology will be the key.

All about digital technology

Love affair with the car is over!

Interesting Kicking Tires interview with “2 billion cars” co-author Daniel Sperling.

Essentially, fuel economy will eventually rule because it will simply be the most cost-effective path forward. Hybrid cars will become a much bigger part of the mix, while plug-ins will be more of a “halo” offering that will help shift perceptions but achieve few sales and even fewer profits. Most important, however, the love affair with the car ends with baby boomers.

“The younger generation is less interested in cars than in the past. The car is not the symbol it used to be. Young people are more absorbed with digital technology than they are with cars,” notes Sperling. Coupled with new automotive policies, this new love affair with digital technology will enable a total transformation in the auto industry as baby boomer influence on the auto industry declines.

How could this transformation be accomplished sooner?

While giving high marks to the Obama Administration, Sperling makes a few other suggestions.

“I’d like to see standards put in place for heavy-duty trucks, a carbon tax, a feebate program — revenue neutral, where you have a fee for gas guzzlers and a rebate for fuel-efficient vehicles — and a low-carbon fuel standard. There is no one silver bullet. We need a portfolio of policies just like a portfolio of technologies.”

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