Li-ion Maker Ener1 Restructures

Li-ion battery maker Ener1 has restructured, internally dividing into three segments that reflect the main directions of development in the rapidly devolving industry: transportation, utility grid and small format products. Each segment will be a separate profit-and-loss center headed by its own president, and the changes will be applied in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

The transportation group will be subdivided into automotive and light-duty, and heavy-duty and military. Ener1 says that this is intended to increase responsiveness to the electric car industry and more fully to engage the fast-growing demand in the truck and bus sector and from US military vehicle electrification programs.

Ener1 has also brought on board former Delphi executive Thomas Goesch as president of the transportation group.

Rick Stanley, President of EnerDel, has been appointed Ener1 Chief Operating Officer. Former EnerDel COO Naoki Ota has been appointed Chief Technology Officer.

The group responsible for electrical utility applications will continue to be headed by Bruce Curtis, who was announced last month as business segment president, following a career as head of product development at First Solar, Inc.

Ener1 also plans to announce new leadership responsible for small format pack products including consumer, industrial, and military products, a business line Ener1 acquired in the purchase of the Korean lithium-ion cell manufacturer EnerTech International. EnerTech is now doing business under the name Ener1 Korea.

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