Nissan and Endesa to Develop CHAdeMO Quick Charging Network in Spain

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Endesa, Spain’s largest electricity supply company, are developing a Quick Charging network for electric vehicles.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties, Nissan and Endesa have agreed to advance the technical progress and deployment of Direct Current (DC) quick charging technology throughout Spain. This is in parallel to the work started earlier this year between Endesa’s parent company, Italy’s ENEL and Nissan’s Alliance partner Renault on Alternative Current (AC) quick charging technology.

The DC technology will be based on the CHAdeMo standard (earlier post) for electric vehicle charging stations. The network will be compatible with the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, which is expected to go on sale in Spain in June 2011.

In addition, Endesa will invite Nissan to take part in the SmartCity Project in Malaga and its Quick Charging Demonstrator Project in Catalonia. For its part, Nissan will support the certification process ensuring that Nissan LEAF and Endesa’s Quick Charge device are compatible and the Japanese car maker will share energy supply knowledge and ideas learned during the development of the Nissan LEAF and other EV projects with Endesa.

Endesa has pledged to develop a sustainable transport policy based on the EV as a key element in combating climate change, a cornerstone of its Sustainability Strategic Plan 2008-2012.

The CHAdeMO—or Charge to Move—standard was originally determined and agreed by a coalition of Japanese companies including Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Fuji Heavy Industries working closely with the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Today the association includes representatives from more than 150 Japanese and foreign companies, as well as local governments. Endesa is a regular member of CHAdeMo. Together with Enel, they represent two of the three companies from the European power industry in the coalition.

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