Volt range updated: 25 – 50 miles of EV range

Depending upon driving style, terrain, temperature and the age of the battery pack, Chevy Volt EV range will vary from 25 - 50 mpg.

At least you still won't have range anxiety

How much does battery age affect EV range?

Dependent upon “temperature, terrain, driving technique and the age of the lithium-ion batteries” the Chevy Volt should average between about 25 and 50 miles of battery range before before generating new electricity with the on-board gasoline engine.

While GM is still standing by its original 40 mile prediction, experience, according to the company, has helped the company achieve a better understanding of the Volt's real world range capabilities.

For years now many have speculated the Volt's real world battery-powered range could be far less than 40 miles in a number of conditions, so this update isn't that surprising. Nevertheless, the acknowledgment that “age of the lithium-ion batteries” could have an impact on EV range is interesting.

How much impact? How soon might battery degradation begin to reduce range? Will cold winters, for instance, age the battery faster the other conditions?

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