Bridgestone Launches Low-Rolling-Resistance Ecopia Truck Tires

Applying new compound technologies to truck tires for the first time in Europe, Bridgestone has introduced a range of Ecopia truck tires. Ecopia truck tires run with lower rolling resistance than Bridgestone’s standard patterns, thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The added value for operators is that this has been achieved without sacrificing Bridgestone’s high performance levels of durability, irregular wear and wet safety.

The line-up, which was unveiled at the 2010 IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, consists of steer tires R249 Ecopia and R249 EVO Ecopia, with higher load capacity, drive tires M749 Ecopia and Greatec M709 Ecopia, and the trailer tire R109 Ecopia.

M749 Ecopia and R109 Ecopia patterns are also available as pre-cured retreads designed to provide similar mileage and rolling resistance performance as new Ecopia tires when a Bridgestone Ecopia casing is used. The core technology applied is Bridgestone’s new cap and sidewall compound which lowers the rolling resistance coefficient. The R249 Ecopia steer tire also features Bridgestone’s proprietary Nano-Pro Tech compound, which lowers the rolling resistance coefficient by reducing energy loss in the top compound during rotation.

These Ecopia truck tires will be most beneficial to fleets with a high percentage of highway operations


Bridgestone tests have shown that Ecopia tires on a standard tractor trailer combination deliver an average of 12% improved rolling resistance compared to the previous pattern line-up at full tread depth. Ecopia truck tires and retreads are available across Europe from September 2010.

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