Linc Energy Reports Doubling of UCG Syngas Flow Rates From Gasifier Through Use of Coil Tubing Unit

Australia-based Linc Energy reports that it has more than doubled its underground coal gasification (UCG) Gasifier 4 flow rates with the workover processes it recently completed with its newly acquired coil tubing unit equipment.

A coil tubing unit is a specialized drilling and well intervention rig that reduces the need to continuously connect drill pipe as equipment is moved in and out of the well. A continuous pipe, as opposed to many individual pipes used on conventional drilling rigs, the coil tubing unit also creates a safer operating environment, Linc said.

This is the first time in the world that coil tubing unit equipment has intervened on a live and flowing UCG gasifier to enhance its pproductivity We’ve more than doubled syngas flow, whilst considerably improving its quality and composition...We know how to use coil tubing equipment, how to conduct UCG cavity workovers while the well is still live and flowing, and how to perform all of this safely.

—Peter Bond, Linc Energy CEO

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