Pedego Electric Bikes and SiGNa Chemistry Demonstrate Battery-Fuel Cell Solution for Electric Bicycles

Pedego Electric Bikes and SiGNa Chemistry have developed an ultra-high-performance range extender for electric bicycles. The battery-fuel cell hybrid system is compatible with all existing Pedego bicycles and batteries.

For every 1.5 lbs. of weight a rider carries, an additional 700 watt-hours of energy is available (compared to ~350 watt-hours for an ultra-high performance lithium-polymer battery at a weight of 7 lbs.). The Pedego – SiGNa hybrid system utilizes the battery for peak conditions such as acceleration and hill climbing, while the fuel cell extends the operating range of a Pedego bicycle by more than 40 miles (64 km) for each additional cartridge.

Riders can carry additional cartridges which are real-time hot-swappable. A key innovation is the use of sodium silicide to liberate hydrogen from water as needed by the hybrid fuel cell. (Earlier post.) This process happens at a very low pressure of less than 30 psi.

SiGNa Chemistry, Inc., a green chemical technology company, has developed a suite of heterogeneous reagents and catalysts that make reactive metals more efficient, safer, and cost effective. These products are fundamental components used for general synthesis in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, specialty chemical and environmental remediation industries as well as provide the ability to enable portable fuel cells by producing pure low-pressure hydrogen gas on demand from a safe, stable dry powder at room temperature.

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