Ford Escape hybrid hot, Toyota Camry hybrid not

Ford Escape hybrids are flying off dealer lots while Toyota Camry hybrids are not. Important news for hybrid buyers.

A hot hybrid

Hot news for hybrid buyers

If you're interested in buying a Ford Escape hybrid, don't expect much selection. In fact, you might not even find one at your local dealership.

On the other hand, there is a great selection of Toyota Camry hybrids available.

Of course, reports of limited Escape hybrid availability shouldn't come as a huge surprise, as Escape hybrid sales have been limited by production constraints since its debut.

Likewise, Toyota Camry sales have been hammered since the Toyota recalls, and the extra premium on the Camry hybrid makes sales even harder.

Nevertheless, for hybrid buyers, the Camry hybrid might be an enticing option. Consumer Reports has consistently given the Camry hybrid high marks, even after the recalls. Thus, if you're in the hybrid market, it might be worth it to make a low ball offer on a hybrid Camry.

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