Infiniti Releases New EV Design Sketch, Wild Speculation Ensues

Nissan's upcoming Leaf EV has been getting a lot of attention recently, but the Leaf is far from being the only electric vehicle program underway at Nissan.  Driving that point home this past Friday, Nissan released the sketch above on Infiniti's Facebook page.

Our own Chris DeMorro recently covered the topic of a new sportscar from Infiniti's parent company, Nissan.  That article quoted Toshiyuki Shiga, COO at Nissan, as saying that “we are keeping this brand, these technologies, and trying to offer sporty cars. I am also thinking of electric vehicles as sporty cars.” So it's a safe bet that a sporty electric Nissan is coming – but what form the car might take is a matter of speculatio …

…so let's speculate!

The Autoblog guys are saying ”it's quite obvious that Infiniti has taken cues from its stellar G37 Coupe and applied them to its upcoming EV… can it get much better than that?”

My answer?  Yes.  Yes it can.

See, Infiniti's G model (in coupe, convertible, and sedan) is sold and marketed internationally as the Nissan Skyline.  If that sounds familiar, but you can't quite place it, add the letters G, T, and R.

That's right:  Nissan Skyline GT-R – and you can bet that if the latest EV sketch circulating around has anything to do with the next batch of production G coupes and sedans from Infiniti (read: Skyline coupes and sedans from Nissan), then the same platform will underpin a fully-electric version of the next GT-R.

Need more fuel for the speculative fires?  Consider that Mercedes has a new electric supercar in the new electric SLS, and as Mercedes goes, so goes Infiniti

…keep checking in for more electric Nissan / Infiniti / GT-R news, as it becomes available.

SOURCES:  Infiniti (via Facebook), Autoblog, Jalopnik.

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