Ioxus Acquires Advanced Energy Conversion (AEC) to Deliver Full Range Ultracapacitor Cells and Modules

Ultracapacitor company Ioxus, Inc. has acquired Advanced Energy Conversion (AEC), which specializes in energy conversion systems using embedded controls, power electronics, and electric machines.

Ioxus will incorporate AEC products into its current offerings to deliver energy-efficient systems solutions for hybrid electric vehicles, wind pitch control and other energy storage applications.

Ioxus, which worked with AEC on several projects prior to the acquisition, plans to expand AEC’s 12-member staff and retain its New York-based property, creating local jobs and maintaining its status as the only ultracapacitor company manufacturing exclusively in the United States.

The acquisition of AEC boosts our ability to quickly customize our products’ design to meet the individual needs of our clients, whether they are looking for individual large cell prismatic electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC) or a complete system.

—Mark McGough, CEO of Ioxus

For more than 10 years, AEC designed, tested and produced electronic power converters, embedded control systems, and electric machines for customers including John Deere, General Motors, American Electric Power, the Department of the Navy, and the Air Force Research Laboratory.

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