GM Will Add Diesels to its Lineup

America doesn't seem to like diesels. About 2% of the vehicles on the road in America are diesels, and that includes many heavy duty trucks and haulers. Why the hatred? Back in the 1980′s, diesels were loud, unreliable, and smelly, and they never really caught on… But modern diesels a reliable, quiet, don't smell and get great fuel economy. America was able to migrate from large cars to smaller cars without too much pain, so can the same happen for diesels? GM seems to think so.

General Motors is considering a “wide variety” of diesel vehicles for its future lineup, though nothing is set in stone yet.

Diesels are a sore subject for many of us pining for better fuel economy here in America. While 50% of European vehicle sales come with a diesel engine, options in America are incredibly limited. General Motors has not offered a diesel car since the 1980′s, though they do have a diesel engine option for their trucks. GM's diesel debacle back in the 1980′s apparently left a very sour taste in executives mouths. For example, the Cadillac Seville diesel was relentlessly unreliable, and Cadillac buyers turned away from the brand in droves.

Yet if GM brings diesels back, it likely won't be in their luxury brand, at least not at first. GM has a four-cylinder EcoTec diesel engine for sale in Europe, and they are bringing their best-selling Cruze to America soon too. GM and diesels, will this be a story with a happy ending? Or another horror story?

Source: Wards Auto (subscription required)

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