Production Saab 9-4X Biopower Spied Ahead of LA Show

These photos show the final production version of Saab's long-anticipated 9-4X Biopower concept, which will feature Saab's new design language and slick new turbo-charged gas and diesel engines which should deliver on the concept's flex-fuel promises.

Saab first showed its 9-4X Biopower concept more than 2 years ago, to largely positive reviews in the press.  Since the January, 2008 reveal of the 9-4X concept, Saab—and the rest of the automotive world—has changed.  Saab—then a part of GM—almost didn't make it through that company's bankruptcy, and was eventually sold to Dutch supercar maker, Spyker.

The 9-4X—along with the ePower wagon set to be shown at this week's Paris show—has a lot of the brand's future riding on it, as well as Saab's desire to be thought of as a green, ecologically-conscious car company.

No word yet on final specs, since the car hasn't officially been released yet.  Still, Saab has a press conference planned for tomorrow morning, which might yet reveal all.

Stay tuned!

SOURCE:  Saabs United

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